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    Quality — the Soul and Life of the Enterprise.Doing a great course which concentrates on the minor details, the company is different from the others in that it does not only focus on the details but also on the strict inspection. The company has established a complete inspection system, invested continuously on the hard wares and set strict requirements for the software to ensure the stability of the product quality.No matter the years of appraisal of old customers and the currently large amount of customers are heavy harvests for Huaxing people. To the company, “harshness” is a kind of virtue worthy of appraisal. In ancient times, people talked that “a minimal error or deviation results in wide divergence”. Familiar with the philosophy, the company will make new improvement in quality by advanced manufacture and inspection method.
    • Taylor Roundness
      Taylor Roundness
    • Taylor Surface
      Taylor Surface
    • Common rail test stand
      Common rail test stand
    • Korean Common rail test stand
      Korean Common rail test stand
    • Beijing JIKE MASS flow test stand
      Beijing JIKE MASS flow test stand
    • Beijing ATHD double bus detector
      Beijing ATHD double bus detector
    • Function Test
      Function Test
    • Function Test Injector
      Function Test Injector
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